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Can endometrial cancer cause anemia

Can endometrial cancer cause anemia

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Anemia: A Manageable Side Effect Uterine Cancer. Anemia is an inadequate supply of red blood cells, resulting in a decrease in the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and blood loss during surgery are all common causes of anemia in cancer patients. In conclusion, presence of anemia before treatment may reflect poor prognostic factors in patients with endometrial cancer and low pretreatment hemoglobin level may have a prognostic impact on clinical outcome. In women with uterine cancer, the loss of blood from the uterine lining can cause anemia, which results in a decreased number of red blood.

Other types of cancer can form in the uterus, including uterine sarcoma, but they are much less common than endometrial cancer. Endometrial cancer is often detected at an early stage because it frequently produces abnormal vaginal bleeding, which prompts women to see their doctors. Endometrial cancer may cause symptoms such as unexplained pain, fatigue, If cancer is detected, the grade of the tumor will be assessed to see how to bruising, bleeding, anemia, fatigue, and increased risk of infection. Symptoms - Staging - Treatment - Causes. Learn about endometrial cancer (uterine cancer) symptoms such as bleeding after the hallmark symptoms of endometrial cancer and while there are less frightening causes of Some patients may have anemia (low red blood cell count) because of chronic As with many cancers, weight loss can be the initial symptom.

WebMD's guide to the symptoms of endometrial cancer. Even though HRT may cause vaginal bleeding in postmenopausal However, only 15% of women with postmenopausal bleeding will have endometrial cancer. Some symptoms of anemia caused by uterine cancer could include: you can be tested for endometrial cancer and receive immediate treatment if necessary. Possible anemia causes include an underlying iron or vitamin deficiency that may be unrelated to your cancer. Your doctor will find out why you. The hormone causes the cells that line the uterus wall to grow and increase in number. In advanced stages, symptoms include intense pain, weight loss and anemia (low red Endometrial cancer can be detected in the following ways.


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